Wind Power – Advisory

Wind Power – Advisory

ReEn Tech Energy provides a range of wind monitoring services, including met masts and remote sensing technology, to assess the wind energy potential at prospective sites, civil and geotechnical engineering, electrical engineering and acts as technical advisor at any stage of your onshore wind project.

Site selection

  • Potential site identification
  • Selection and screening studies


Pre – Feasibility

  • Site Wind Resource
  • Investigation of key technical, environmental and planning constraints including noise, access and electricity grid constraints
  • Candidate turbines and preliminary layout design
  • Preliminary energy yield and
  • Financial Modeling

Project Implementation and Technical support

  • Preparation of detailed implementation plan
  • Deployment of qualified Staff at site for regular monitoring
  • Inspection of all the major equipment
  • Ensure all tests for soil, steel, cement, etc.
  • Communication system management for regular updates and project progress information.

Regulatory framework and Contractual support

  • Comprehensive analysis of the regulatory policy at state and central level
  • Analysis of the technical standard
  • Assistance in reviewing of contracts between investor and developer

Operation and Maintenance

  • For existing wind farms
  • Focused on preventive maintenance.
  • Continuous monitoring of spares to reduce the downtime.